If you are having planned surgery, The Scar Team can give you expert advice about how to optimize your healing.  We undertake consultations prior to surgery and indeed, at any stage of your scar’s maturation.  With a view to the evidence, we can talk you through simple measures that can reduce inflammation, improve symptoms and if required, reduce the visibility of your scar to allow you to socialize.  All operations produce scars, whether it is on the face, neck, chest, abdomen or limbs.  With dressings, massage, emollient or other measures, the aim is to give nature the best chance to heal your wound rapidly and with minimal scar tissue.  This may be of most relevance if you or a family member have had problematic scarring in the past or if you are prone to keloid scars. Please contact us for further advice: melanie@scarteam.co.uk

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