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4 months ago

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Morphoea is thought to be an autoimmune disease that can run in families. The 'scarring' of morphoea appears as dense collagen both within the skin and within the underlying fat. The scars typically appears as white, purple or red plaques which initially expand over a prolonged period of time before appearing 'burning out' and stabilising in terms of size. Occasionally, scleroderma can present as a keloid. Those affected by this condition often have blood tests that indicate a range of antibodies to their own tissues; the failure of the immune system to recognise its own tissue then seems to trigger T-helper cells to trigger an inflammatory reaction around blood vessels. In due course, this leads to fibrosis. The skin at this point becomes hard, dry and shiny. Treatment is problematic, but there are a number of approaches including fat grafting, phototherapy, fractionated lasers and immunosuppressive drugs. ...

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