As a patient with a significant scar, it can be difficult to know where to turn to for support in all its forms, from financial to patient groups.  The internet is full of information that can be misleading or occasionally harmful with quite fanciful claims of ‘scar cures’.  Frequently, a scar will improve on its own and most treatments will speed its progress.  However, the final appearance is often different to what was expected.  A return to the appearance of normal skin is rare.  This can be upsetting and it may take a while to adapt.  This is where the counselling and reassurance of our psychologist, Becky Watkins, our wider team and importantly, fellow patients, can be invaluable.

We work with a number of organisations that provide support for people with scarring.  These are detailed in the menu shown below.  Also, there is a section here that details some of our standard advice in the form of patient information leaflets.  We endeavour to keep these up-to-date and informative.  If there is any other information that you would like to know about scars, their treatment or after care, please feel free to email us via the website in the Contacts section.


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