We offer a range of treatments for all types of scar.  Most scars can be improved.

CryoshapeThere are over one hundred treatments described for scarring.  When this many treatments are available, it is often a sign that no one treatment is completely effective.

There is no single magic treatment for scarring and no drug on the market which particularly targets scarring in the skin.

The type of treatment required will depend upon the type of scar, its stage of healing and a number of other factors in your history such as prior treatments, other medical conditions and allergies.  Often, several treatments will be required simultaneously and you may require the expertise of more than one member of our team.  As a scar matures, the type of treatment required may change.  If one approach fails to work, a different one may be considered.

For immature scars, typically treatment will be for at least two years, but it can be longer until a scar matures fully.  Some approaches cannot be used in certain people, for example, corticosteroid injections if the skin has already been thinned by prior treatments, or botulinum toxin for scar itch if you are pregnant.  Our team will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of all treatments prior to commencing.

Our assessments and treatment sessions take place at The Bristol Nuffield Hospital in Clifton, Bristol.  Sometimes a treatment may be carried out when you attend for a first assessment but others, such as admission for a scar revision operation, the fitting of a pressure garment or the making of a prosthesis, may require you to come back for further appointments.  Certain procedures require you to come back for regular dressings. If their input is required, it is routine for our scar therapists and psychologist to offer a series of appointments to respond to your progress.

We like to involve your general practitioner in your care and will ask your permission to send your practice a confidential letter about your treatment.  GPs tell us that they find this contact helpful and similarly, we are always grateful for the input of your practice.  Occasionally, if you require dressings, it may be easier for you to be treated locally rather than travel to us after a procedure.

In the following sections we have detailed more information about the problems we encounter, the treatments we offer and the cost of treatment.


Common Scar Problems

Prevention of Scarring

Treatments We Offer

Cost of Treatment

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