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What is the optimal dose of radiotherapy to prevent keloid recurrence after surgery? Rei Ogawa and colleagues have investigated this topic in a large study of scars in an oriental population. Across 370 scars over 18 months, his team found that the amount of radiation sufficient to provide an optimal response was dependent upon site. For the chest, shoulder and scapular areas, 20 Grays' dose of radiotherapy was given in four fractions over four days. However, for the earlobe, only a 10 Gray dose was necessary in two fractions over two days. For other sites, 15 Grays in three fractions over three days was best. In essence, this work has provided an indication that smaller amounts of radiotherapy than traditionally described can be effective for preventing keloid recurrence. Also, there appears to be some site-dependency in terms of dose - all body sites must be treated in a bespoke manner and several treatments are necessary. ...

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